Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 02/26/2020

From Decentraland finally opening it’s doors to the public all the way to UFC joining NBA as one of the first global brands in professional sports to be announced on Dapper Labs’ blockchain and much more!

UFC Digital Collectibles

UFC joins the NBA as one of the first global brands in professional sports to be announced on Dapper Labs’ blockchain, Flow.

The speed and scalability of Flow, combined with Dapper’s easy onboarding and smooth payments, will allow an entirely new fanbase to enjoy the benefits of blockchain. UFC fans will be able to buy, trade, and sell verified, limited-edition digital collectibles. 

Read More: https://multigames.io/ufc-blockchain-collectibles-by-dapper-labs/

Blockchain Cuties:

Cutie breeders on TRON blockchain are getting serious about tribute Cuties. 2020 might be the year when TRON’s side will catch up with ETH in terms of genome discoveries.

Blockchain Cuties are celebrating two amazing tributes appearing on TRON blockchain. Both are the stars of the online culture, Check out the tribute Cutie breeding guide here.


Decentraland’s Ethereum-based virtual world went live this week. In short, from a player perspective it is an ambitious virtual world with an unpolished feel. What I have seen personally so far is a virtual gallery so to speak, being located entirely on the blockchain. Their treasure hunt event is wrapping up, and with the initial launch much is lacking, but it gives a great idea for what the future of digital worlds could look like. After getting a character and name, I began roaming the streets of decentraland, finding no one in particular and nowhere to go besides the /goto magic command which sends you to a random spot on the map, looking like many others.

There is a text chat for players, no voice chats quite yet, and no fluent system of choosing a map location to travel to or of activities to find in the world, leaving you roaming around in hopes to find something other than wildlife or buildings you can’t enter. I look forward to seeing near future updates and how they manage to open this world up to the community finally letting this long developed dream become a reality.
Start exploring here: https://play.decentraland.org/

F1 Delta Time:

Crates in F1® Delta Time are ERC-20 tokens and are available in 4 tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Purchases can be made using cryptocurrencies such as ETH, DAI, OST, USDC, USDT, and others. Players can choose to open their crates, sell them to other players, or hold on to them for future use. Each tier of crates has a limited supply. Read more here

Chibi Fighters 2.0:

The official Kickstarter campaign for Chibi Fighters 2.0 has finally begun. Starting on February 24th, and as quoted by the developer Garry “There are some great limited rewards, and an entire set of kickstarter exclusive cards to be grabbed.” The rewards start at about $6 for a single back of 15 kickstarter exclusive cards to get you started in the game, with an expected delivery date of the end of 2020 you can support the campaign directly here.

War Riders:

The apocalyptic Driving, shooting blowing up game on the blockchain has been making some major updates in the past few weeks. On the 23rd they had their first 24 hour competition and the prizes were the following: 

– The first spot will receive 1 Real BZN for 1 test BZN mined 

– The second to fifth spots will receive 1 real BZN for every 10 test BZN mined 

– The fifth to tenth spots will receive 1 real BZN for every 100 BZN mined in addition to

Earn 1 WRP for each kill, 0.5 WRP for each BZN mined and 1 WRP for each stash pick up that isn’t your own 

The top five WRP earners will receive CHAMPION badges

And by next week they should have the following in game additions added:

“Weapon slots and overheating will be released in approximately one week. After a slight adjustment/balancing period, we will be enabling real BZN mining.” and the chances of more competitions and events occuring is very likely.

Arena Golf:

Arena Golf is a brand-new online golf game where you can buy and sell virtual golfers, play in tournaments, and win real money!

Thursday, February 20th began the founders sale for this game, with the slow release of golfers to buy as they finalize their partnerships and begin building out the world of Arena Golf into both a fun and profitable blockchain game for people to sink their teeth into the world of virtual golfing. Visit Arena Golf Website


MakerDAO, Kriptomat and Forgotten Artifacts join forces to launch minigame.

Dai, Maker’s stablecoin, is being listed on Kriptomat, a European cryptocurrency exchange. To celebrate this occasion, Kriptomat is launching an Enjin-based minigame together with Maker, Forgotten Artifacts and Enjin. Read the full article here

That’s it for this week, make sure to let us know what your most looking forward to in the crypto space and keep an eye out for more blockchain gaming news.

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