Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 03/05/2020

From single player modes launching to major contests and major companies joining the space there’s lots going on in the crypto gaming world in the week of 03/05/20


The Dissolution SIngle player campaign is now live to play for free on steam. Dissolution has been in alpha access for about a year now, and with it there’s pvp, assault, raid, zombies and now single player all free and all on the blockchain.

Blockchain Virtual World The Sandbox Partners With Opera:

TSB Games, the developer behind the upcoming decentralized voxel game world, The Sandbox, announced last week that it has formed a partnership with Opera (OPRA), a browser built on the Blink engine and growing competitor to Google Chrome.

According to this, Opera will now include The Sandbox in its decentralized application (dapp) section with the ability for Opera users to seamlessly interact with the world and its assets. You can read more about it here

The Sandbox Voxedit $20,00 contest:

The sandbox has a contest going with Voxedit to make assets for their upcoming game, matching a specific theme with lots of goodies and prizes to be earned. Learn more about the contest and get started here.

Axie Infinity and Kyber Network (KNC) Collaborate on an Exclusive NFT Quest:

Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity announced last week that it has teamed up with Kyber Network (KNC) to host an exclusive NFT quest. To participate in the quest, players must hold at least 50 KNC in their Ethereum (ETH) wallet when the event concludes at 11:00 pm (EST) on March 22. The reward is a Kyber Ancient Stone, an in-game item that reduces resource harvesting time by 2% on land plots it’s placed on. You can read more about it and register for the event here

Splinterlands Mobile:

The alpha version of the splinterlands app is now available for download. To access the game, visit Splinterlands in any mobile browser and log in with your already existing account. It is scheduled for future development to add the application in both the Apple and Google App stores. Some features of the game such as the shop, events (tournaments), and guilds are not yet available, including signing transactions however these features are soon expected to be released.


Phantasma wallet has released their NFT marketplace to buy and sell 22RacingSeries NFT tokens for their upcoming RTS Racing game. This title is coming to steam and you’ll be able to build your own vehicle, race it and win profits. You can find more out about the project here.

Wax partnership with TOPPS:

Topps and Wax have partnered up to bring their iconic collectables to the blockchain. Utilizing Wax’s blockchain technology, fans can discover, collect and trade officially licensed digital Topps collectables. The first Topps blockchain cards will be available for purchase in the spring, and from what is known Garbage Pail Kids will be the first collection to makes its way onto the blockchain

That’s it for this week, make sure to let us know what your most looking forward to in the crypto space and keep an eye out for more blockchain gaming news.

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