Weekly Blockchain Gaming News 12 Feb

A weekly news focused on Blockchain gaming, We talk about top gaming stories of the week From rising wars to digital lands, crypto RPG’s, land sales and much more. Here’s the latest Crypto Game updates and news for the week of 12 Feb 2020

Blockchain Cuties

Wars of Cutieland Stage 5 is now here until March 17th, bringing new exclusive cuties such as secretary general, bounty hunter and courier in addition to discounts on islands for the upcoming Cutieland update to the game. They are now about halfway through their development to cutieland with a hopeful release date by the end of 2020, though no official time frame has been given yet for the official release. https://medium.com/blockchain-cuties/stage-five-is-here-check-out-the-new-heroes-547fe7c3333

Somnium Space:

In a tweet from Somnium Space the first ever user generated structures are now showing up in real time on the platform. Somnium space is available on steam for VR as well as pancake mode and is now starting to include user generated content in the world. Most of the current structures are homes or buildings to walk around in and explore, but as more users continue to join the platform the amount of content and activities to do in the world is going to increase exponentially. There was already a planetarium, roller coaster, bowling alley, rock climbing wall and much more to explore with new additions being added more frequently.

The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons, an Open World RPG powered by Blockchain Technology is up on steam now. While the game does not come out until later this year, you can already add the title to your wishlist as well as showing off gameplay footage and photos in addition to a direct link to their discord community to stay up to date with all the progress they are making.

The Sandbox:

The second wave of LAND presale is starting 02/11 with 5% of total parcels available for sale on The Sandbox map. Those 6,192 LANDS will be available with a 30% discount (minimum) for those who join in this event that will last (maximum) two weeks over The Sandbox Marketplace, which is a good way to save a bit of money on a LAND parcel if you intend to pick one up. You can pre register for the LAND sale here to make sure you get a spot and are able to snag some cheap LAND

Chibi Fighters 2.0

While the game is in development and being worked on, there is now an upcoming kickstarter campaign for the game, with bonus content and deals on card packs. This is a great way to help support the developers in addition to saving some money on the game and being a direct part of the community.

Gods Unchained

Gods unchained, a very hyped crypto TCG is now live, and over the past few days they have added a working web browser marketplace to buy and sell cards without needing to launch the game portal. You can filter it by many categories, and it’ll show you the price in eth of each card along with the total quantity of that card available for sale. The first official tournament since the launch of the game , Trial of the Gods is also in the works and coming soon, which will give players a reason to get some cards, make a deck and start playing for both fun and prizes.

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