Why Bitcoin BSV and CryptoFights Should Refund the Enjin & Ethereum Community

“This is a community opinion piece, this article does not necessarily represent the views of cryptoandgamers.com or any of its staff”

Today the blockchain gaming community was shocked to learn that the CryptoFights team has chosen to break their promise to the Enjin Coin and Ethereum investors who supported the CryptoFights presale back in September 2018.

Before the presale, CryptoFights’ marketing clearly stated that they were going to support the Enjin and Ethereum community and that all of the items used in the game would be backed by Enjin. CryptoFights leveraged the community’s trust to launch and sell a selection of blockchain assets priced up to $2000.

Now, over a year later the crypto-gaming project has announced that they have decided to debase the Ethereum-based, Enjin-backed presale assets they sold, promising to swap them for BSV-based items.

CryptoFights have told their early supporters that they will try to convert Enjin’s ERC-1155 tokens into BSV-based items. The team has also announced that they will try to build a gaming wallet and marketplace to compete with Enjin’s.

This means, over the past two years, CryptoFights promised to help build support for the Enjin and Ethereum communities through their game, they used this marketing tactic to take the community’s money, and now, instead of launching the game they promised, they are degrading the items they sold and using the money to create solutions that are detrimental to the Enjin and Ethereum community.

Furthermore, this has compounded the risk for CryptoFights’ early investors because if the new game fails, if the new wallet fails, if the new marketplace fails, and/or if the BSV chain fails, then the tens of thousands of assets that CryptoFights sold will be worthless.

CryptoFights’ Ethereum Address also shows that they have received a total of 545,084.967 Enjin Coin, currently valued at $84,532. Our sources have also confirmed that the CryptoFights team have been paid by BSV to leave Enjin and Ethereum and attempt to build a competing solution.

This shows that the CryptoFights team have consciously made monetary decisions that are specifically designed to benefit themselves while negatively impacting the community that helped them build their game.

It’s only fair that they offer those supporters a refund.

“This is a community opinion piece, this article does not necessarily represent the views of cryptoandgamers.com or any of its staff”

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